It is quite hard to live the life of a teen these days. It is a lot harder to be a teen that is striving to follow Christ. Temptations are many, lies are powerful, spiritual war is real, the right friends are hard to find, life decisions are crucial, worldliness is appealing. However two words from Scripture that offer a flood of hope are, "But God..." (Romans 5:8, Ephesians 2:4). And that is the foundation of our ministry - God is still God! 

Our prayer and aim is to be a youth ministry that is : God-centered, Bible-rooted, Gospel-Living, Ministry-Training and People-Loving. On gather on Friday evenings at 7:00-9:30pm to worship the Lord in singing and in the studying of His Word. The teaching is relevant and topical; and includes testimonies and discussion. We then head down to the gym for food and games. 

On Sunday mornings we meet at 10:15am in discipleship groups to study through a book of the Bible. This includes teaching, sharing, discussing, prayer and accountability. 

Some other ways you can be involved in Badanyats include - the worship team, ZEAL student leadership team, monthly social activities, service projects, camps and mission trips. 

Badanyats Form for the year